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Request #20
A FUSION! I NEVER THOUGHT I'D SEE THE DAY! Yup, someone finally requested a fusion in my shop, and that person was AzurAurora. Yep, it's the same person from the last sprite. Anyway this one was hypercammed too.…
Request #19
Hypercammed yet again!… `WHERE. ARE. THE. FUSIONS aihoqwhwaepcfiewodhqwpf! OK! Stop freaking out over there. The next one will be a fusion I promise. AzurAurora requested this one in the shop. No DeviantArt.
Request #18
This one was requested by mypasteldrawings here on DeviantArt go check her out, she does some awesome stuff! I also did something new with this sprite as well. I HAVE A HYPERCAM OF MY PROCESS! YEAH BOIIIIIIIIII. Erhem, anywho the Hypercam is on my YouTube Channel so go check that out here:…
Request #17
Another Trainer Sprite? Ugh come on man! I know, I know this isn't a fusion but it isn't my fault that people request Trainer Sprites all the time. Anyway, CadbberryKat requested this one based on her trainers that she has drawn herself. I think it turned out pretty well and I hope you guys and gals think so as well.
Let's do a contest! I'm not well known but I am well aware of how these contests work so why not hold one 'eh?

The 25 Days of Spriting Contest!

25 Categories!
Multiple entries allowed in the contest.

1 entry per person in a category
No plagiarizing
Have fun!

If any of these rules are broken, you will be disqualified.

1. Create an Ice Type Fakemon
2. Repose a Pokemon Sprite
3. Fuse a sprite with my self sprite! If you entered Category 5 you can use that sprite. If you choose not to use that sprite or did not enter that category, use TheBlazingInfernape 2.0 sprite found in my gallery.
4. Make a personal sprite!
5. Make my self sprite! Infernape must be used and must be noticeable.
6. Fuse your self sprite with my self sprite! If you entered Categories 4 and 5, you can use those two sprites, if not, use your own self sprite and TheBlazingInfernape 2.0 sprite found in my gallery.
7. Make a scratch sprite.
8. Free sprite!
9. Make a sprite with 5 fully evolved Ice type Pokemon.
10. Fuse Sawsbuck and Stantler into a sprite.
11. Make a pre-evolution to a Pokemon.
12. Make an evolution to a Pokemon.
13. Make a trainer sprite.
14. Overshade a Pokemon (Shade the HELL out of a sprite)
15. Devamp a Pokemon. (Make a DS sprite look like a Gameboy sprite)
16. Revamp a Pokemon. (Make a Gameboy sprite look like a DS sprite)
17.  Make an Ice type evolution line.
18. Make me into a trainer
19. Make a Duo Sprite! It can even be with me!
20. Make an Ice type Legendary
21. Make a sprite with Articuno, Regice and Kyurem
22. Make a god sprite. See ArctusDracon for reference.
23. Make a Shadow Pokemon
24. Recolor/Redesign a Pokemon
25. Ask TheBlazingInfernape for 6 RNG'd Pokemon and fuse them!

Entry submission rules:
Same rules apply from above
Titles of entries should be like this: "TheBlazingInfernape's 25 Days of Spriting Contest Category:(insert category number here)"
If you made a video showing your progress, link your Youtube channel in the description of your entry or entries. I like watching these videos. If you didn't that is fine.

I'll make a sprite (trainer or Pokemon) for the winners of each category with the requirements of their choosing!

Have fun and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa and a Happy New Year!


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What up! TheBlazingInfernape here and this is my deviantART profile! I do Pokemon sprites and anything Nintendo! You can request a sprite, just leave a comment of 5 Pokemon that you want me to use.


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No prob mate, your spriting skills are far superior to mine so I had to fave owo
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hey man expect to see some deadly six art soon mate. who knows i may even draw infernape